Planners and Calendars for 2018

If you’re super organized, you probably already have a calendar or planner all ready to go for 2018.  If you’re like me, you don’t. While I appreciate being able to schedule things online, I am also a very visual person, and I like to look at the week/month at a glance.  I’ve always operated that way, and in college (and even while I was working in the corporate world), I used those desk pad calendars.  So, I thought I could help out some of you who aren’t uber-organized and look at some pretty planners and calendars for 2018.  This post contains some affiliate links.

I’m drawn to the planners that have a spiral binding, because it’s easier to open (and have it stay open).  Plus this Eccolo Datebook has a pretty cover too, which is important too.  Of course.

Spiral Agenda Planner

This Rifle Paper Company Planner is pretty to look at, and their products are always high end and luxurious in the way they feel in your hands.

Rifle Paper Company Planner

And don’t worry, it may not look like a spiral planner, but when you open it up, it is a spiral planner.

Rifle Paper Company Inside Planner

If you prefer a wall calendar, Rifle Paper Company has a pretty one for your wall this year.  Their Maps of the World calendar is pretty and fun to look at when you see a month by month feature of illustrated countries and their cities with a travel twist to them.

Rifle Paper Maps of the World 2018

Australia Rifle Paper Company

I really love their Inspirational Quotes Calendar though.  Same pretty illustrations, just a different spin on it.  I had one of these calendars and turned it into a gallery wall in our dining room (before the last One Room Challenge), and I was really impressed at the thickness and quality of the paper.Rifle Paper Company Inspirational Calendar

And the quotes are ones that resonate too.

Rifle Inspirational Quotes Calendar Page

If you’re a daily desk calendar kind of person, I love the calendars that give you a bit of humor or ones that are informative and/or interesting, where you learn something.  Let’s start with the funny ones.

I’ve seen these hysterical dog shaming memes on Facebook, and it’s fun to have them in a daily calendar form.  I could certainly add a photo of my own for our pup, let me tell you.  His sign would say, “I like to eat the cash that’s set out for pizza.”

Dog Shaming Daily Calendar


I’m also a fan of anything from Someecards, and their daily calendar is one I know I would enjoy every day.

Someecards Daily Calendar

If you’re having a bad day on the job, consider the You Had One Job daily calendar.  It will make you feel like a rock star, I promise.

You Had One Job Calendar

You had One Job Calendar Page


Here’s another good one if you’re having a bad day.  Check out the 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said daily calendar.  There are a whole lot of stupid people in the world, let me tell you.  Buck up, buckaroo.

Stupidest Things Ever Said Daily Calendar

365 Stupidest Things Said Page

If you like fun facts and information, there are plenty of options there too.  How about Facts That Will Scare the Sh#t Out of You – 

Facts that will scare the sh*t out of you

Although you might not find all of the facts enjoyable, and might wish you never knew them in the first place.Facts that will scare the sh*t out of you

Who can’t appreciate a few life hacks?  This Life Hack Calendar has you covered on just about any topic you can imagine.  My daughter is a huge fan of life hacks, and makes sure she shares them with me whenever she finds a new one.

Life Hacks Desk Calendar

Life Hacks Page

Some quotes from great leaders are also a great way to start your day.  This calendar will keep you inspired all year long.

Great Quotes from Great Leaders

Great Leaders Calendar Page

Do you have a favorite calendar or planner that you use?  There’s definitely something out there for everyone when it comes to planners and calendars for 2018.  Here’s to a great year!





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