Paint Color Mixing

I have some furniture pieces that I’m going to be painting, so I’ve been browsing the web looking for some color inspiration.  I’m thinking that I’m going to use some paint from General Finishes, and I found some great ideas when it came to paint color mixing – essentially, mixing two (or more) paint colors together to get a new color altogether.  While General Finishes has some great paint colors, their line isn’t like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, where they have a huge paint deck with every color under the rainbow.  But I’ve come across some really beautiful painted furniture pieces that put paint color mixing to work. This post contains some affiliate links.

This stunning Empire dresser from Finn + Bo had me at hello.  I love the depth and richness of this color, and that it’s not a standard issue black.  It’s a custom color mix of Lamp Black, Queenstown Gray and Emerald Green.  Yes, the green was a surprise to me too.

General Finishes Custom Empire Dresser

Seeing this dresser got my wheels turning, so I went to my local Woodcraft store, which carries a wide variety General Finishes Milk Paint.  I walked out with a nice selection of colors – so I’m thinking that I have a lot of options available to me when it comes to mixing paint colors and creating new ones.

General Finishes Paint Color Mixing

Even better, while I was at the store, one of the gentlemen working there showed me this glorious item – the General Finishes Paint Mixing Deck.  It’s like he was in my head and knew what I wanted to do (although what I wanted to do at this point was to run out the door with this deck in my hot little hands).  They’re going to see if they can get me one, but I did find it here on the Woodcraft website.  You can also check out General Finishes Color Mixing section of their Design Center site to see the different color options that you can achieve with color mixing.

General Finishes Paint Mixing Deck

I’ve seen some images online of some of the colors that can be created by mixing their paints, but it’s nice to have something in your hand, in person, that you can look at to determine the direction you choose to take.

This pretty piece from The French Door is done in a 50/50 mix of Persian Blue and Seagull Gray.

General Finishes Seagull Gray and Persian Blue

I’m really loving soft, yet warm grays lately, and this custom gray dresser from Phoenix Restoration in Millstone, Seagull Gray and Snow White hits the mark.

General Finishes Custom Mix Dresser

You know how much I’m loving soft pink and blush shades lately – I think it’s because they remind me of Spring.  This pretty dresser is from Saw Nail and Paint is a mix of Antique White and Coral Crush.  Who knew?

General Finishes Blush Dresser

This gorgeous Empire dresser from Sweet Threepeats is a mix of Coastal Blue (which is a great color on its own) and Lamp Black.  I think it creates a luxurious navy, don’t you?

General Finishes Navy Mix Dresser

You can even go crazy and create something totally unique and one of a kind when you mix paint colors.  Look at this bright boho chic dresser from Katie Clemente Studios.  Wow.  She used a mix of all sorts of colors on this piece, and the end result is nothing short of unique.

General Finishes Boho Chic

It’s not that I’m a stranger to mixing paint colors.  Remember this pretty dresser that is a mix of Amy Howard’s Atelier and Black paint colors?  You know how much I love shades of blue and gray on furniture, and this one is a great balance.

Amy Howard Dresser Redo

So, we’ll see what I come up with when it comes to color mixing and the furniture pieces that I have in my inventory.  I’m inspired by all of the color possibilities that paint color mixing offers!

Do you like to mix paint colors?  





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    February 8, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    I love GF paint for furniture. Having that mixing deck would be wonderful, especially for someone like you that paints for business. I’ve mixed their grays, and added both the whites to various other colors, especially to coral crush to get a soft pink. I’m loving some of the ideas you’ve shown…please post what you come up with! The drawback to someone like me that does it only occasionally, I have to usually double or triple my cost in paint to by all the colors and often a lot goes to waste b/c I mixed too much, or i only needed a small amount of one of the colors and it eventually goes bad in the can. Do you have a method of measuring out amounts of each color without making a mess in case you have to mix up more? What do you think about using for example GF Snow White on kitchen cabinets vs. GM Simply white or Chantilly Lace, etc?

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    February 9, 2018 at 5:24 am

    The guys at Woodcraft are awesome! Always very helpful. My issue with paint mixing would be running out of the custom mix color and then not being able to finish my project. Having a spevific recipe vs winging it would certainly help. And then there is the cost factor of having to buy multiple colors. But other than that, I’m totally for it!

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