Favorite Posts and Projects of 2019

Happy New Year!  I know I’m a little slow in getting back into the swing of things, but I’m finding that laziness begets more laziness.  And there was a whole lot of laziness going on over our holiday break.  Along with unexpected gall bladder surgery for my husband.  That was fun.  Luckily, he’s getting back into the swing of things and feeling more like himself because he can be on the needy side when he’s under the weather.  I’m getting back to work now, and thought I’d share my favorite posts and projects of 2019 as a kickoff to the new year.

Mindful Gray Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I love doing cabinets and furniture in colors other than white, and I had a few of them this year that fit the bill.  This kitchen makeover was a favorite because the homeowners already had beautiful countertops – but they didn’t jive with their cabinets.  The Mindful Gray paint color really tied it all together beautifully.

Favorite Posts and Projects of 2019

My Favorite Non-White Kitchen Cabinet Colors

As I just mentioned, I’m really finding myself drawn to kitchens that are done is colors other than white.  I love bold colors with bright countertops and backsplashes, and I am also a fan of cabinets in warm taupe-like shades.  I’m also starting to see this trend more and more as I seek out kitchen trends (which is exciting).  While I think that a white kitchen will always be timeless, seeing so many kitchens with the same kind of “look” gets a bit boring.  Maybe it’s just me, since kitchens are my life.  This post about my favorite non-white kitchen cabinet colors, gives you a lot of inspiration to consider if you’re looking at giving your kitchen a makeover.

How to Install Brick Floor Tile

I tackled this project awhile ago, but finally got the loose ends tied up and shared it in 2019.  When our house was built, someone thought it was a good idea to have a walkout basement where you walk in right on to light carpet.  Why?  Perhaps they don’t have children or dogs, but it’s not a good idea.  So, we installed a brick landing pad off of the doors to keep some of the dirt at bay.  

Dining Table Makeover

I don’t do a whole lot of custom furniture pieces because I totally stress myself out over them – but this dining room table makeover really turned out great, and it was a sentimental piece, which makes it even more special.  Taking old pieces that have a family history, while making them fit your own style and into your own home, is a lot of fun.  Because let’s face it, no one wants an old granny piece of furniture that sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest of your decorating style.  No offense to the grannies out there – you know what I mean.

A 90’s Home Update

You all know that I never tire of amazing before and after home transformations.  This 90’s home update still blows my mind.  I was there to do the cabinets when this sweet family first bought their home, but the updates they made afterward are just stunning.  And again, these updates didn’t include taking down walls and doing a major renovation, which makes me love it even more.

Favorite Posts and Projects of 2019


My First Cabinet Painting Giveaway

This past year I did my first cabinet painting giveaway, and it was so much fun to help this sweet young family take one of their projects off of their to-do list.  They had already done a lot of work on their home, and pulling this kitchen together was a neat project for me.  (And yes, I’m looking to do it again – I just need to catch up on the work I have ahead of me first). 😉

For this year, I have a lot of kitchens on my plate, and am planning on doing some more projects around our own house.  Our basement project is snowballing into bigger things, as most projects do.  New carpet and flooring is leading to painting our basement bar cabinets, painting the walls, maybe adding some wallpaper.  And so it goes.  We also have some outside work on the to-do list this year, which I’m looking forward to sharing with you.  It’s fun to look back at my favorite posts and projects of 2019 and see what I actually accomplished – it’s no wonder I’m so tired at the end of the day! 

Happy New Year!  What’s on your to-do list for 2020?






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    January 9, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    My husband and I are having a debate over kitchen cabinets and trim. Our cabinets are the 90s oak so we are looking to paint or stain them until we can do a complete gut job of the kitchen and add more cabinets, new counters, etc. Does the trim have to match the cabinets? So if we do gray, which is what I am leaning towards, our trim is oak, throughout the whole house. I said no it doesn’t have to match unless we were doing a wood stain but since we are painting, the trim doesn’t need to be gray or whatever color we go with.

    Thanks for settling this debate!

    • Reply
      January 12, 2020 at 7:22 pm

      It doesn’t have to match, but I would make sure that the contrast wasn’t one that was glaring. If that’s the case, I would paint the trim. Just my two cents. Gray can be tricky with oak trim, and sometimes can draw more attention to it, to where it glares out at you. It just depends.

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